Aug 07,2016

The Southern Rocky Mountains in Colorado support a wide variety of bird species. There have been close to 500 different species of birds recorded in Colorado. There are around 100 species that are year round residents and most of the other birds just migrate through Colorado heading to their breeding areas and their wintering grounds. There are millions of people who go Birding in the United States. This is another way to get up in the Colorado Rockies and away from the busy city life. The prairie has many different species of birds, so don't forget to go there for a visit.

Spring and Fall are the best times to see many of the different species of birds. The overall best month for viewing birds is in June.

A large variety of different habitats draw many birds to the Rockies. There are 8 ecosystems in Colorado and each one has several different species of birds in them. To see a specific bird, you must know its habits, range, food preference, hours and seasons of activity. There are several books on the market that tells you just about everything you need to know. Keep in mind that one specific book will not have all of the birds listed.

A good set of binoculars are recommended with a 7 or 10 power zoom. Without them, it will be difficult to recognize the bird you are looking at and what the bird is doing exactly. Spotting scopes are expensive. If you are just beginning to watch birds, you should not buy a spotting scope.

Taking your pet is not a good idea. Leave them at home.

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