Apr 06,2016

There are around 35,000 insect species in Colorado. That is a lot of bugs. The scientists believe that there are an estimated 200 Million insects for every human on the planet.

Colorado has over 60 species of rodents and over 20 species of bats to help consume them. The elevation and cold winters in the mountains also deter a lot of insect species from taking up residence here as well.

The Mosquito is the number 1 pest in the summer months. They are known to transmit several diseases (Malaria and Dengue Fever) and the West Nile Virus. There have been several cases of the Virus in Colorado. It is a recommendation to take precautions in areas where the Mosquito will be a problem.

The Western Yellow Jacket is another pest and will sting you for no reason. They are responsible for 90% of the stinging incidents in Colorado. So be careful when they are flying around. Swatting at them is not recommended. They might take that as a threat and try to sting you.

The last insect is the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick. If you are going to the mountains and will be walking in areas where there is a lot of brush, I recommend you use DEET which is the best spray on the market against ticks. Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted-fever are very rare in Colorado. Colorado Tick fever however, is most common in the region.

Some websites to get more detailed information on insects are listed.

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