Aug 05,2016

Colorado Trail: The CT is around 480 miles long and travels from Denver to Durango. It is divided into 28 segments and has easy access to most of the trailheads. The lowest elevation is around 5,500 feet at Denver and the highest is 13,240 feet in the San Juan Mountains. The CT crosses 8 Mountain Ranges, 7 National Forests, 6 Wilderness Areas and 5 River Systems. The CT has some of the best scenery in the Rocky Mountains. Colorado Trail info or Map

Continental Divide Trail: The CDT is over 3,100 miles long. It travels from Canada to Mexico. The CDT in Colorado is around 760 miles long. Colorado's CDT is broken down into 46 sections. Rugged terrain is common on this trail and leads you through remote primitive areas. As of 2009, over 200 miles of the trail in Colorado is not finished. The CDT also runs concurrent for 200 miles along the Colorado Trail. Continental Divide Trail info or Map

American Discovery Trail: The ADT is around 6,800 miles long and travels from the Atlantic coast in Delaware and ends at the Pacific coast in California. The ADT enters Colorado from the East in two different locations; at the NE and SE corners of the state. The NE trail enters Julesburg from Nebraska and travels to Denver for 241 miles. The SE trail enters Holly from Kansas and travels to Canon City for 219 miles and then travels to Denver for another 158 miles before linking up with the NE trail. The ADT continues from Denver as one trail to Utah for another 535 miles. American Discovery Trail info or Map

Colorado Mountain Man